Valentine’s Day: on the most romantic day of the year choose NIO Cocktails for a beautiful gift

The most romantic day of the year is coming, it’s time to surprise your partner with an original thought, to live together.

The NIO Cocktails are designed to be ready to share and what time can be better than Valentine’s Day to taste one with those you love? With your partner, with a friend, or with whom you prefer: NIO Cocktails wants to celebrate every kind of love.

Find inspiration to organize a special night and amaze those you love. From aperitif to after dinner, a NIO Cocktails is the extra touch to add to the perfect romantic night.

Or you can choose from many alternatives by NIO Cocktails to surprise with a unique Valentine’s Day gift, different from anything else. Suitable for those who love to share experiences and for those who want to taste at home, as well as in a real cocktail bar, high quality drinks, mixed by master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi.

Love cocktails

The first gift that we propose is a customized Cocktail Box according to your favorite tastes and flavors. We would like to suggest you the perfect cocktails to light the right atmosphere of a romantic evening


Gin Proved: the cocktail of love par excellence, thanks to its main ingredient, the liqueur Bols Parfait Amour, an elixir of love with a fascinating history.

Lucas Bols wanted to create a fragrant and unique elixir for ladies of high lineage, taking very expensive spices from all over the world such as Madagascar vanilla and almonds and then perfume it with rose petals and violet; a real alchemist’s job and the result is a fresh, exotic and fragrant drink, whose floral tones intoxicate us at every sip.

Cosmopolitan: many poeple all over the world fell in love due to this cocktails and it will surely conquer even those who receive it. Glamorous, refined and timeless. Iconic like few other cocktails and immediately recognizable for its bright pink color and for the elegant glass in which it is usually served: the Martini cocktail glass.

Patrick Pistolesi, exclusively for NIO Cocktails, mixes it with:

  • Vodka Ketel One
  • Cointreau
  • Blueberry Syrup
  • Organic Citric Acid

For a balanced mix, sour but also sweet.

Milano-Torino: an 100% Italian classic, sweet-sour, like the most authentical love stories.

Not only a cocktail, but also the full representation of the Italian culture of mixology of the early twentieth century. Mixed with the legendary bitter Campari of Milan and Vermouth, Turin excellence. For NIO Cocktails, Patrick chose the Cocchi Vermouth, of excellent quality.

Manhattan: A cocktail to fly with imagination to New York and imagine being on a skyline surrounded by the lights of skyscrapers, in the city that never sleeps. A drink to dream together, without limits.

The enveloping warmth of Bourbon Bulleit and the sweetness of Cocchi Vermouth make it a perfect aperitif for a love evening.

Old Fashioned: Whisky Bulleit Bourbon with a dash of aromatic bitter and orange for a cocktail that creates a fatal attraction at the first sip. Recommended for after dinner, to end the evening at best. Elegant and classic, but it has become popular and popular in cocktail bars all over the world.

Bourbon Bulleit gives it a slightly spicy taste with a final note of caramel, while the Angostura gives it bitterness, with a aftertaste of mint.

In short, an inevitable cocktail in your box created to conquer your lover!

Build your Box

Experience box. The experience of living the cocktail revolution comes to your home with this box containing the complete kit to enjoy the NIO Cocktails at its best: a 5 cocktails box, an ice mold (element not to be underestimated to have a perfect cocktail) and 2 tumblers. The ideal solution to organize a special aperitif at home, with all the right precautions that will make your lover very happy.


Give a journey into the world of the most sought-after mixology.

Now we offer you our collection of boxes "Postacard from.." designed to combine the culture and knowledge of places far or near with the art of drinking well and the pleasure of tasting and feel.

Postcards from Venice is a collection of postcards that tell the journey of Patrick Pistolesi to discover the secrets of mixology and ancient culture of the Serenissima. The unique city of love, cradle of compelling stories but also of great pillars of mixology (this is where the aperitif Select is born) becomes the perfect setting to celebrate Valentine’s Day with 4 new cocktails.


Leggi di più

Postcards from Japan is a sensory journey into the ancient flavors of Japan, a country of fascinating culture, where Patrick Pistolesi was inspired to create 4 cocktails mixed with spirits that come directly from these distant lands and help us to fully immerse ourselves in the journey, comfortably at home. An exclusive way to travel through flavor, enriching knowledge.

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Give moments to live together

The best gift you can give is your own time. Sharing with those who love an experience to live together in your free time is a way to show how precious and important the moments spent together are.

Experience Backpack. A real take away bar that includes everything you need to spend a day in the open air tasting cocktails of the highest quality and the perfect temperature even outside the house. A precious gift that becomes a promise to spend more time together.

GQ Box. An unmissable cocktail bar with 4 exclusive cocktails, designed and perfectly mixed by Patrick Pistolesi, 4 original tumblers and different from each other, 1 ice mold, and 4 premium prints to decorate the house. A truly precious gift to live together with those who love the experience of feeling a true professional mixologist. In addition, Fedrigoni paper prints can become an elegant and lifestyle-conscious piece of furniture.


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