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Elegance and sophistication in the simplicity of nature's beauty. That is Portofino. Also in mixology.

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Portofino Dry Gin | White Americano Cocchi | White Bitter Luxardo | 25.4% | 100ML

Negroni Portofino is white, very fresh, rich in botanical scents, chic and overwhelming: it is a bitter with adult and summer tones that makes unique your aperitifs on the pier,at the sea, with a breathtaking view to enjoy with the people you love.
Suggestion for garnish: Lemon Zest

Portofino Dry Gin | Sage and Lemon Liqueur Carlo Alberto | Ginger Liqueur Giffard | Liquid Sugar Toschi | Organic citric Acid | 25.3% | 100ML

The delicate notes of Portofino Dry Gin are combined with both the vegetal and refreshing notes of sage and lemon liqueur and with the refreshing ginger liqueur. The result is a very fresh and fragrant cocktail to sip in the shade of a tree, in front of the sea, to be transported in an instant between the flower gardens of Portofino.
Suggestion for garnish: Sage leaf

Portofino Dry Gin | Creme de Cassis Giffard | Cointreau |Liquid Sugar Toschi | Organic citric acid | 23.6% | 100ML

The astringent and full tones of berries, the freshness of organic citric acid, the scent of the botany of the Ligurian coast and the citrus notes of Cointreau combine magically in an elegant and luxurious cocktail, to be sipped by the sea, imagining the peace of the Portofino promontory.
Suggestion fot garnish: Currant

Portofino Dry Gin | Vermouth Storico of Turin Cocchi | Coffee Liqueur Fair | 26.4% | 100ML

Portofino Dry Gin and Fair liqueur, combined with the Italian red Vermouth rich in spicy and vinous notes, accompany you to the coffee table, right in the square of Portofino. This twist on classic is inspired by the Martinez of the 80s to offer you a sophisticated summer cocktail with a rich bouquet, very round, which fills the palate and refreshes it after a hot day at the beach.
Suggestion for garnish: Orange Zest

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NIO à Portofino

NIO Cocktails rencontre Portofino Gin Dry le long d'une des rivières les plus iconiques au monde, où le goût italien a créé avec la nature des lieux un style incomparable. Portofino Gin est un distillat 100% fait en Italie, de très haute qualité, composé de 21 ingrédients. Les notes initiales sont celles du citron frais et du genévrier qui t'emmèneront dans les collines de Portofino, laissant graduellement place à des saveurs méditerranéennes : du romarin à la lavande, jusqu'aux notes douces et délicates de la marjolaine et de la sauge qui évoquent le goût de la lcuisine locale.

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