About Us

NIO Cocktails’ founders, Luca and Alessandro, were inspired by a single, simple idea whilst hosting friends one evening: to bring expertly crafted ready-to-savour cocktails into their home to enhance their evenings. So the same expertise; the same premium brands; the same quality ingredients; and the same range of cocktails. Everything you expect to discover in the world’s best bars. The only difference – Needs Ice Only, no other specialist knowledge, ingredients or bar implements required.
Our Head and professional mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, founder of World’s Best 50 Bars’ Drink Kong, has helped us create a menu featuring 15 individual cocktails ranging from the classics to signature house fusions. Simply pick and choose to build your box of 3, 6 or 9 drinks online. We are constantly innovating and designing new drinks to help everyone explore the world of cocktail craftsmanship and taste.
We want you to enjoy your whole experience as much as possible. We’ve designed our Cocktail boxes to hold 5 or 10 cocktails so that after you’ve perused our online menu and crafted your own cocktail box, we’ll deliver them straight through your letterbox. Each cocktail is packaged in its own uniquely-designed sleeve – ideal for lining up on a shelf to stock your very own cocktail bar or for spreading out on a table for you and your friends to pick and choose from. When it’s time to enjoy, simply shake the sleeve, pinch and tear off the corner, and pour over ice. It’s that simple.
Stylish. Effortless. Superior taste experience. These are just some of the adjectives that have been used to describe NIO. NIO Cocktails offers the easiest, most convenient and most convivial way to pour a high-quality cocktail. Enjoy at home. Enjoy with friends. Enjoy yourself. As they say in Italy - Salute!