The best cocktails for your holidays nights by NIO Cocktails

The after dinner is the best moment to relax and enjoy home atmosphere. In Christmas time live this relaxing moment with NIO Cocktails or give it as a gift to someone who loves mixology. Here will suggest you the best after dinner cocktails.

Our houses are all decorated and holidays and relax are always closer. In Christmas time the opportunities to stay home and relax will be more than usual; according to this we invite tou to treat yourself: your favourite cocktails at home, already perfectly mixed. As soon as you want to taste it you need ice only, because we already did the rest!

Imagine an even more magical Christmas: your home is warm, full of Christmas lights…your favourite cocktails adding that extra touch you were missing.

NIO Cocktails are also a perfect giftfor those who love mixology, but also for those who love to take care of themselves and devote themselves to relaxing moments at home, without going out or buying many spirits to mix cocktails at home.



The best after dinner cocktails

Let’s start with 3 Whiskey cocktails, in particular Bourbon, the best talking about Whiskey. It is sweet with fruits and vanilla notes. Our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi choose for NIO Cocktails Whiskey Bourbon Bulleit with pleasant fruity notes of walnuts and a sweetness reminiscent of maple syrup.

We suggest this cocktail to those who have mature and sophisticated tastes and to those who appreciate spirits with complex structure.

Whiskey Sour: a simple but versatile recipe, perfect for various tasting occasion. A classical cocktail with a long and fascinating story. In this cocktail, the enveloping Bourbon Bulleit is mixed with the organic citric acid, which gives the cocktails the right level of sourness. But it is, at the same time, clear and crystalline, as prescribed by the most contemporary techniques of mixology. Also the liquid sugar completely made in Italy is added to this mix. Like any other sour, is a simple and essential cocktail. Sour describes a cocktail composed by a distillate mixed with sugar and lemon. This idea was born between 1600 and 1800, when buccaneers and doctors agreed that adding sugar and lemon to a distillate was almost an elixir of long life, suitable for men of a crew to overcome the long periods of navigation.

 This is the recipe:

  • Bourbon Bulleit  
  • Citric Acid 
  • Liquid Sugar 

Boulevardier: a sweet and sour cocktail enriched by the warmth of Bourbon Whiskey. In addition we find inside the flavors perfectly mixed: Cocchi Vermouth, Bitter Campari and Angostura. Its story starts at Harry’s Bar, where the famous barman Harry McElhone created this cocktail for Erskine Gwyne. He, lately, made this cocktail famous thanks to his quote in “Barflies and Cocktails” published in 1927. Erskine was famous because his grandpa was the tycoon Alfred Vanderbilt and also because he founded a magazine called “Boulevardier”. This name comes from French and it meant a person “of the street” in its positive meaning.

Our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi decided to use these ingredients:

  • Bourbon Bulleit 
  • Vermouth Cocchi  
  • Bitter Campari 
  • Angostura 

Old fashioneda real legend in of mixology. It’s an iconic and unique: the extraordinary raw material is combined with ice, sugar and soda to attenuate its strength and degrees, making it less impetuous and more suitable to be enjoyed during a convivial moment. It’s perfect for your after dinner, suitable for more mature palates, who appreciate strong flavours but who pay attention to quality. Old Fashioned is perfectly mix “in the old fashion” and its secret is to balance sour and sweet flavours, the strong flavour of spirits squeezed from the cereals and the cold rock of frozen water.

Old Fashioned was mentioned for the first time in XIX century, when Jerry Thomas wrote about Whiskey Cocktail in his mixology manual: it was a cocktails made of whiskey, sugar, bitter and lemon peel.

Then, colonel James E. Popper, who really loved whiskey, made this cocktail famous through the most famous hotel in New York. Frome there this cocktail became very famous, also in critical periods for mixology such as Prohibition.

It’s a real timeless cocktail that you can’t miss in your home bar if you love mixology.

Ingredients are premium quality:

  • Bulleit Bourbon 
  • Liquid Sugar Toschi
  • Angostura Bitter Aromatic 
  • Angostura Orange Bitter

Now, let’s move to two more fresh alternatives; they are easier than whiskey but are also premium quality cocktails.

Tommy’s Margarita: an innovative version of traditional Margarita. It was created at the beginning of ’90 by Julio Bermejo, and this cocktails took its name from his family bar-restaurant in San Francisco, which was “the best tequila bar all over the world”. Tommy’s Margarita is now on every cocktail list of the best bars in the world and, at the same time, the small family restaurant where this fabulous drink was born has become a mecca for bartenders and curious people who want to try it, living an unforgettable experience. Compared to the classic Margarita, this cocktail enhances the flavour by replacing the triple sec with agave syrup that is extracted from Mexican plant: the Agave Tequiliana Weber.

As always, NIO Cocktails selected only the best ingredients:

  • Tequila Jose Cuervo
  • Organic agave syrup
  • Organic Citric Acid

Il Daiquiri: The origins of the cocktail dates back to the end of the NINETEENTH century, at the time of the war between the United States and Spain: according to some sources, after the sinking of the ship Main – in the port of Havana – a u.s. marine arrived in a small village near Santiago de Cuba, specifically to the Daiquiri. Here, to quench his thirst, he entered a kind of shack used as a bar. After refusing to drink smooth rum, he got an addition of lime juice that he adjusted with sugar. Here is how the daiquiri, one of the favorite cocktails of the writer Ernest Hemingway along with the Mojito came to light: “my Mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in La Floridita”.

From Santiago de Cuba an exotic recipe which is today one of the most famous in the best cocktail bar: Daiquiri. It will be like landing on a pristine beach in the Caribbean, with its colors, scents and smells.

Here are the ingredients selected by NIO. We use:

  • Rum Pampero Blanco
  • Citric Acid
  • Liquid Sugar

Do you want to try these cocktails to enrich your holidays nights? Build your box here! Componi qui la tua box!