Speakeasy: discover the charm of the mysterious secret bars with NIO Cocktails.

NIO Cocktails presents its great novelty: the first Digital Speakeasy, which will transport you into the charm and mystery of real secret bars. But let's discover together something more about the history and curiosities of these magical places.

Speakeasy: what are they?

On January 16, 1920, the era of Prohibition began in America and from this moment, for the next 13 years, it became illegal to sell, import and transport alcoholic beverages. These new laws were a real drama for the mixology; it is said that precisely in those years America was experiencing the "Golden Age of Cocktails", in which many secrets of the art of mixing were discovered and many recipes were invented, some of which have been lost. The bar tenders were suddenly cut off from the market and many emigrated abroad.

Many others, however, remained in the cities and found alternative solutions to continue their work and their experiments in the art of mixology. In fact, therefore, the trade in alcohol never stopped and it is in this particular context that the Speakeasy (literally: "speak softly, calmly, without tension) or places that illegally sold alcohol to the public.

Legend has it that the term Speakeasy originated in Pennsylvania in 1888, when saloon licensing fees increased from $ 50 to $ 500! So clandestine bars began to pop up everywhere, including Kate Hester's, who, to appease her customers who were a little too noisy, used to urge them with "Speak easy, boys!". Hence the inspiration to rename these premises.

In the state of New York alone, in 1920, 32,000 Speakeasy were found by the police!

It is said that the amendment banning the sale of alcohol only increased alcohol consumption by 15%. In addition to opening illegal businesses, alcoholic beverages were distilled in homes, to the point of producing spirits that were even lethal for many.

This context was the fertile ground for bringing out the phenomenon of gangsterism, in which figures such as Al Capone stand out, who got rich by exploiting the possibility of trafficking alcohol illegally, at much higher prices due to prohibition.


But why are we still talking about Speakeasy today?

Leaving aside the unethical aspects that distinguish this story, the Speakeasy still attract our attention after many years for the charm and mystery that surrounds them.

Since they were bars that should have remained secret, accessing them was not so simple: to enter it was essential to have the password which was made known only to a select few. Even the entrance was not so easy to find because these bars settled in the most unthinkable places: in the back rooms of shops and even in some private house and the door was almost always hidden by a curtain or some other trick. And that's not all, a certain dress code had to be respected: jacket and tie for men, elegant evening dress for women.

But the atmosphere that was once you entered was unique: imagine a hidden place, with soft lights, music on the gramophone, typical 1920s belle epoque furniture and immediately you will be immersed in the charm and mystery that only a secret thing can have.

Despite all the prohibitions, alcohol was sold in profusion here, but don't think of something inelegant or of low quality: indeed! This is where the most sought-after cocktails are born and are still replicated today in the best cocktail bars. The level of preparation of the drinks was very high and although it could potentially be a dark period for mixology, it was actually a very profitable time for this discipline.

Speakeasy remains a synonym of quality even today: in recent years the tendency to recreate the atmosphere of secret bars has spread rapidly in various cities, both abroad and in Italy. As in the 1920s, to enter these exclusive places it is necessary to have a password or pass tests. The myth of the Speakeasy is celebrated by serving cocktails of the highest quality and often the aim is to revisit classic recipes in a modern and innovative perspective.

The first virtual Speakeasy is born with NIO Cocktails.

But the real news we want to present to you is it Digital Speakeasy by NIO Cocktails. In fact, if by now Speakeasy has become a real fashion, for the first time with NIO Cocktails a digital secret bar is born, an exclusive club dedicated to the most loyal customers, where you will have the opportunity to accumulate Cheers (points) through simple actions and obtain exclusive prizes.

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