Spring BOX


We want to propose you a positive and relaxing emotion.
We created for you the Spring Box : a 4 cocktails selection to celebrate Spring.The most fresh and inebriating, colorful and floral cocktails. Between traditional recipes and some exclusives ones for NIO Cocktails.
You can choose the Spring Box in the 5-cocktail version (1 Gin Proved, 1 Gimlet, 1 Vodka Sour, 2 Garden of Russia) or in the 10 cocktails (2 Gin Proved, 2 Gimlet, 2 Vodka Sour, 4 Garden of Russia) version.

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This classic twist on skilfully combines two different flavours
The unmistakable floral notes of the buds and petals of violet blend in the acrid notes of gin with a balanced result that makes this cocktail suitable for any occasions.
A 1928 quote reads: "Gin, a hint of lemon and soda".
The 1953 description in Raymond Chandler’s novel "The Long Goodbye" stated that "a real Gimlet is half Gin and half Lime Juice and nothing else"; just as the "Savoy Cocktail Book" of 1930 suggests.

The category of sours is one of the oldest in the history of cocktails, indeed it can be said that it represents the starting point for the art of blending. Sours are a very simple balance: a sweet part (usually sugar syrup), a bitter part from lime or lemon juice and a distillate that gives character to the mix.

This classic twist on is evocative both for its name and for its flavour: in fact, the cocktail immediately transports us to a place as unusual as magical, a flower garden of the cold Russia. What could be more refreshing?

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

We’ll take you home or wherever you like, a high quality and exciting tasting experience. Treat yourself or give someone you love a wonderful sensory moment: our cocktails are created on the recipe of Patrick Pistolesi and shipped in a design packaging 100% recyclable,